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RunWWS Overview

(last revised Nov 14, 2012)

RunWWS is a wrapper for the Winston Java programs included with Earthworm, added originally as a contribution from Menlo Park's Will Kohler. This wrapper makes the Winston modules act like regular Earthworm modules, sending heartbeats and responding to stop or restart requests.

Winston's original author was Dan Cervelli working for AVO. Winston is composed of an importer that takes TRACEBUF2 information from an Earthworm export, and a server that serves requests for waveform data just like wave_serverV does. The database on the back-end is MySQL, and requires some configuration. The Winston Java programs can be found in the src/archiving section of the Earthworm distribution. You need to run an instance of runwws for each of the Java programs you'd like to run under Earthworm.

Winston configuration information can be found here as of this writing:

Configuration for RunWWS can be found in the section RunWWS Commands. Currently RunWWS is only compatible with Windows.

Running Winston under UNIX

For now if you wish to run Winston within Earthworm from within Unix, you can have Winston started and killed by startstop by adding it to startstop*d as following. Note that the kill is not a clean quit request, and statmgr can't monitor Winston to restart it if it has problems. This isn't as robust as using RunWWS under Windows.


You can put the following in your startstop*d. Note for the following to work you'll need to put your .config files and your 'lib' directory for Winston in the Earthworm Params directory ($EW_PARAMS)

# Winston waveserver itself
  Process         "/usr/bin/java gov.usgs.winston.server.WWS --noinput"
  Class/Priority    TS 0
# Winston import from earthworm to waveserver
  Process         "/usr/bin/java --noinput"
  Class/Priority    TS 0
Note that you do not want to use --noinput if you are using RunWWS. However, if you're using the above commands on Unix, it is highly recommend to use --noinput if you have Earthworm automatically start up when your machine boots. If there's no interactive console for Winston, if you don't use --noinput you can peg your CPU to 100% and you wouldn't want that.

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